City of Panama
A modern and prosperous metropolis

Home to more than a third of the country’s population, Panama City is a modern metropolis that offers excellent security and all the amenities you would expect from a sophisticated capital: world-class shopping, a vibrant food scene, and numerous recreational opportunities..
Canal Area
An impressive natural environment

The prestigious communities on the banks of the Panama Canal – Clayton, Albrook, Howard (Panama Pacifico), Cocoli, Diablo, Amador – were originally home to US military bases that returned to Panamanian control for the year 2000. Therefore, they are commonly referred to as the “reversed areas” (áreas revertidas).

Panama’s Pacific Riviera offers something for everyone

Panama’s Pacific Riviera – A stunning coastline stretching from Veracruz to Buenaventura, home to luxurious residential developments and oceanfront properties, all within a short drive from Panama City.